Photographs by Peter Glyn Jones - Located in Oxfordshire

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Most of these images are from my exhibition at Whitby Pannett Art Gallery called ‘The Fantacy and beyond (A “3d” Guide to Goth in 3d). From the point of view of the locals and visitors Whitby Goth Weekend (WGW) adds ‘Colour’, all be it black, to the picturesque seaside town. To most non Goths a lack of understanding initially led to some derision in the events early years but Goths polite amicable nature has lead to acceptance. Many of the other photographers laughed at me because I did not used a flash in any of these pictures: going into a dark room to photograph dark people and to hope to get two perfectly matching photographs was indeed a challenge but the first cameras I used would not synchronise with a flash but I tell them I’m a purist.

In 1978 and 1979 the punk movement in Britain began to develop offshoots of dark and pessimistic music which were described by a bemused music press as ‘Gothic’ in contrast with the general run of pop. Despite fragmenting and subdividing endlessly, the Goth scene has persisted for over twenty years and is now one of the main mechanisms by which Gothic cultural elements are sorted and translated.




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