Exhibition News

A large exhibition showing the many technologies and history of 3d imaging is in the pipeline, initially to be shown at the Witney Art Studios.

Festivals are set to get a whole lot weirder when I introduce my 'Tent of infinite improbability', plans are a-foot to generate amazing and entertaining events in the confines of crazy canvas walls.


On to gallery

Post Christmas showcase

With the idea to cover a variety of my subject areas this exhibition gives a flavour of things to come. 13 exhibition prints + projection of many more images and 3d video.

We are working towards selling images online but at the moment work samples and artwork is available through exhibitions.(Email me at 3dcuriosityshop@googlemail.com if you would like me to post 5 stereo cards with a Loreo viewer).

A 5 card set and a viewer will be sold for £5, quite a bargin!

The Loreo viewer is very flexable, able to be used for all the standard sizes of stereo cards.

stereo viewer

Stereo Exhibition prints are supplyed with the slightly bigger Loreo viewer which is able to resolve the bigger image and can also be used with monitors.


Getting to exhibition:

Witney Art Studios is in the center of the town on the High Street above the Co-op. A big sign will outside the entrance on the days of the exhibition.

See you there, 28th, 29th, 30th December.